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Pina Colada Zlurpee Hybrid Cannabis Flower (3.5g) – Tropical Bliss in Every Sip by Munchies Factory

Pina Colada Zlurpee Hybrid Cannabis Flower (3.5g) – Tropical Bliss in Every Sip by Munchies Factory

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Aroma: Transport yourself to an island paradise with Munchies Factory's Pina Colada Zlurpee. The aroma is a luscious blend of tropical fruits, reminiscent of a freshly blended Pina Colada. Pineapple and coconut dance in the air, creating an olfactory experience that promises a vacation-like escape with every inhale.

Composition: Introducing Pina Colada Zlurpee, a meticulously crafted hybrid from Munchies Factory. This delightful strain is born from the fusion of Pineapple Express and Banana Kush, resulting in a composition that boasts a perfect balance of THC and CBD. Ideal for those seeking a harmonious blend that brings together the best of tropical flavors and soothing effects.

Palate: Savor the tropical paradise with Pina Colada Zlurpee as it captivates your palate. The initial inhale unveils the sweet and tangy notes of fresh pineapple, accompanied by the creamy richness of coconut. The smoke is smooth, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the exotic flavors with each inhalation. On the exhale, a subtle hint of banana adds a tropical twist, leaving a delicious aftertaste that lingers.

Effect: Experience the blissful escape of Pina Colada Zlurpee. The initial onset brings a wave of relaxation, like a gentle breeze on a sun-soaked beach. This hybrid strain combines euphoria and tranquility, making it suitable for both daytime and evening use. Dive into the tropical bliss of Munchies Factory's Pina Colada Zlurpee, where every inhale takes you on a journey to an exotic paradise.

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