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  • 3.5G (1 UNIT) - $50
  • 7G (2 UNITS) - $90 
  • 14G (4 UNITS) - $175
  • 28G (8 UNITS) - $325

Aroma: Immerse yourself in the luscious aroma of Cream Pie. The initial scent is a rich, creamy vanilla, reminiscent of a freshly baked dessert, intertwined with subtle hints of sweet berries. As you take a deeper inhale, a delicate undertone of earthy spice emerges, creating a complex and inviting bouquet that promises a truly indulgent experience.

Composition: Produced by, Cream Pie boasts perfectly manicured buds that are dense and generously coated with frosty trichomes. The vibrant green flowers are accented with deep purple hues and fiery orange pistils, showcasing its premium quality. This indica-dominant hybrid is carefully crafted to provide a potent and enjoyable experience, ideal for those seeking deep relaxation and tranquility.

Palate: Prepare your palate for a delectable journey with Cream Pie. The initial inhale offers a burst of creamy vanilla and sweet berry flavors, reminiscent of a decadent dessert. As the smoke dances on your taste buds, a subtle hint of spice and earthiness rounds out the profile, creating a smooth and satisfying finish. The exhale leaves a lingering sweetness that makes each puff a delightful indulgence.

Effect: Cream Pie delivers a deeply soothing and relaxing effect that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. The onset brings a gentle wave of euphoria, melting away stress and elevating your mood. As the high progresses, a profound sense of physical relaxation sets in, easing tension and promoting a restful state of mind. This tranquil effect makes Cream Pie an ideal choice for evening use, helping you drift into a peaceful and restorative sleep.


Introducing Munchies Factory's 3.5 Gram Prepacked Flower – your ultimate destination for top-tier cannabis. Carefully curated and expertly packaged, our flower promises an unparalleled journey for cannabis aficionados.

🌿 Exceptional Strains: Our 3.5-gram prepacked flower highlights the distinctive traits of each meticulously chosen strain. Whether you're drawn to the relaxing undertones of indicas or the vibrant energy of sativas, Munchies Factory offers a diverse selection to suit every preference.

💎 Pure Quality: At Munchies Factory, we pride ourselves on maintaining the purity of the cannabis plant. Our cultivation and processing techniques ensure that the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes is preserved, delivering a product that embodies the true character of each strain.

🔥 Intense Potency: Discover the power of our 3.5-gram prepacked flower, designed to deliver a potent and immediate impact. Perfect for both seasoned users and those new to cannabis, our flower provides a euphoric and memorable experience.

🔒 Premium Freshness: Quality is our top priority, from growth to packaging. Each 3.5-gram package is sealed in premium, airtight containers to ensure lasting freshness, potency, and flavor, so you can enjoy your cannabis at its best.

🌐 Eco-Friendly Practices: Munchies Factory is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation methods. Our eco-conscious approach ensures that you can feel good about your choice, knowing you're supporting a greener planet.

Why Choose Munchies Factory?: Our dedication to quality, purity, and sustainability makes Munchies Factory's 3.5 Gram Prepacked Flower the premier choice for cannabis connoisseurs. Experience the finest that nature has to offer, expertly delivered by Munchies Factory – your trusted source for premium cannabis.

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